Thursday, June 9, 2016

Saxon Priest pigeons ( Sächsische Pfaffentaube )

Sächsische Pfaffentaube - Prêtre de Saxe - Saxon Priest
Fancy pigeon Saxon Priest - or also known by the names of Prêtre de Saxe , Sächsische Pfaffentaube , Prete Sassonia , Саксонский « священник » - is a variety which originated in Germany , specifically developed in Saxony , is estimated in the 19th century or earlier , Some records show that the varieties are classified as type COLOUR resulting possibility of racial trumpeter ( original shape ) . In Germany and some other European countries , this variety is very well known and many farmed . Despite having the ability to fly , but the breeding of this variety has been solely to improve the quality of appearance

saxon priest red pigeon

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