Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Cauchois pigeon

Cauchois pigeons
Old Norman race, the result of over 300 years of selection, cauchois pigeon [Columbus Staff] mentioned in the 17th. century in the Satires of Nicolas Boileau-Boileau, a cross between Socialite and Boulant, also called "Mundane or Maille de Caux" because of tuilés motifs that decorate the feathers of her coat is as its name indicates the native Caux. The name "Maille de Caux" will be phased out in favor of that of "Pigeon Cauchois" following the introduction of new species, barred and / or single-colored, admitted to the breed standard. The cauchois pigeon was once privileged guest splendid pigeon lofts or adjacent rich mansions and closed hovels that are part of our regional heritage today. These imposing buildings, mostly cylindrical, thatched or slate, with brick walls, sandstone, pebble, flint cut and / or timber and mud, some decorated with polychrome elements, could accommodate, in their upper part furnished putlogs, an impressive number of pigeons whose membership and the number depended on customary law then in force.

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