Sunday, June 26, 2016

Abu-abse dewlap pigeons ( Abu-Abse-Wammentaube )

abu abse
Abu-Abse-Wammentaube - Abu Abse - Abu Abse-Dewlap pigeons

Abu abse dewlap - or also known by the names : Abu abse , Abu - abse - Wammentaube , Messagero in Abu abse , Абу Абсе брадат - is varetas pigeons coming from Syria , Lebanon , and has long been cultivated as an ornamental pigeon . It is estimated that these varieties began to intensively cultivated since the 1800s , but only known potential around 1950 . These varieties are classified into types UTILITY . Abu abse began to enter the world market after being sent to Europe and Australia , and raised his name as one of the varieties that are recognized in the early 2000s .

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