Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Syrian Dewlap ( Beyrouth )

adana pigeons
Syrische Wammentaube  - Beyrouth - Syrian Dewlap pigeons
According to the French standard , it would be from Lebanon . The exact origin of this ancient breed , it seems impossible to determine. Some evidence show that Turkey is probably native of Damascus, Syria. Some Beirut are called Sanu Turkey. This word means Damascus. Others have Arabic names such as Arap , Mawardi , or Abraq . The Beirut are mainly in Turkey from the region of Adana ( Ceyhan and Seyhan ) to the east towards Diyarbakir, then south through Syria and Lebanon. We know they are present in many other Turkish cities including Istanbul , Izmir .

Syrische Wammentaube-utility pigeons

pigeons fall - beyrouth

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