Monday, January 23, 2017

Modena Pigeon Family

Modena (uk)

Modène Anglais modena (uk) pigeons
The Modena pigeon is a breed of domestic fancy pigeon from Italy. It derives it’s name from the city of Modena in Italy, where it was first bred centuries ago. The breed was actually developed over many years of selective breed. This breed and other varieties of domesticated pigeons, all are descendants from the feral or wild rock pigeon. Many people consider this breed to be the world’s top show pigeon. It is an old breed, and story of this breed begins in the early 1300s. These birds were actually a slim and small performing bird at that time. 

Deutscher modeneser - modène allemand - german modena

deutscher modeneser modène allemand german modena

Triganino Modeneser     Triganino de Modène     Triganino Modena

Triganino Modeneser  - Triganino de Modène  - Triganino Modena

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