Saturday, December 24, 2016

Hungarian Fantail ( Magyar Páva Galamb )

white fantail pigeons
Ungarische Pfautaube - Queue de Paon Hongrois - Hungarian Fantail - Magyar Páva Galamb
The Hungarian Fantail pigeons- or also known by the names: Queue de Paon Hongrois, Ungarische Pfautaube, Pavoncello Ungherese, Венгерский павлин - a variety that originated from Hungary, developed since 1890 and is expressed as a variety of its own in the countries of Eastern Europe , Varieties are classified into types structure pigens is believed to be the result of cross-breeding between races Hindi with English Fantail Fantail. This variety is now only limited reared among certain breeders. Being able to fly well, but so far have been developed solely for display.

Queue de Paon Hongrois

Magyar Páva Galamb

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