Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Bijeljnina Roller pigeons

Bijeljnina Roller pigeons
Bijeljnina Roller - Rouleur de Bijeljnina -  Bijeljnina Roller
The Bijeljina Roller pigeons- or also known by the names: Rouleur de Bijeljina, Bijeljinaer Roller, Rotolatore in Bijeljina, Биелине роллер - varieties derived from Bijeljina (Bosnia-Herzegovina, which is a part of the former Yugoslavia). Varieties are classified into types tumbler pigeons, is the result of crossing several races pigeons, namely Oriental Roller, Serbian, and then Zagreb, conducted around the 1940s. Officially recognized in 1991, but as varieties Yugoslavia.

pigeons Rouleur

black roller pigeons

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