Sunday, September 18, 2016

Polish Long-Faced Tumbler pigeons ( Polski Dlugodzioby Lotny )

Polish Long-Faced Tumbler - tumbler pigeons
Polnischer Langschnäbeliger Tümmler - Culbutant Polonais à bec long - Polish Long-Faced Tumbler  - Polski Dlugodzioby Lotny
Fancy pigeon Polish Long -faced Tumbler - or also known by the names : Culbutant Polonais à Bec Long , Polnischer Langschnäbelige Tümmler , Capitombolante Polacco a Becco Lungo , Польский длинноклювый турман - a variety that originated from Poland , especially from regions Krakow and Lemberg , but the information has been discovered since when was developed (probably since the beginning of the 18th century ) . Varieties are classified as type tumbler pigeons was first introduced in Germany in 1856 , with the name " silver Galicia " . This variety is believed to be the result of cross- mating of Denmark and Ice Pigeon races . Being able to fly very well , but it seems more focused development to improve the quality of the exterior .

Polnischer Langschnäbeliger Tümmler - tumbler pigeons

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