Friday, September 16, 2016

Kasan Tumbler ( Казанский Турман Трясун )

Kasaner Tümler
Kasaner Tümler - Trembleur de Kazan - Kasan Tumbler - Казанский Турман Трясун
Fancy pigeon Kazan Tumbler - or also known by the names : Culbutant de Kazan , Kasaner Tumler , Capitombolante in Kasan , Казанский турман - is a variety that comes from Russia , and expressed as the old race which has been developed centuries ago , and information has been discovered about the certainty since when developed (probably in the 17th century or earlier ) . It is believed that this variety is the result of cross-breeding some Russian pigeon races . Varieties are classified as type tumbler pigeons has not obtained information regarding the ability to fly , but only dipertelakan as varieties which have an attractive appearance .

kazan tumbler - tumbler pigeons

kasan pigeons

Kasaner Tümler

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