Friday, June 3, 2016

Warsaw Butterfly ( Motyl Warszawski )

warsaw pigeons
Warschauer Schmetterling - Papillon de Varsovie - Warsaw Butterfly Tumbler - Motyl Warszawski
The Warsaw Butterfly is a medium-sized pigeon. It is compact and carries itself erectly. Its head is small and round with a small beak. It comes in Black, Red and Yellow with the color decreasing toward the head.

warsaw butterfly

 Warsaw butterfly standard (polish butterfly)This variety is classified as a medium sized (approaching large), posture horizontal, broad chest and a swollen, rounded head with eyes glaring, and the bill is very short. Neck rather long and often seemed "flicker". The wings and tail are very long, and move closer to the body. Feet tall, with plumes of ornamental long and bushy. The colors of pigeon feathers Polish Butterfly is now very diverse - with the general pattern is brindle (spangle), although some are plain. The size of the ring-foot: 10.

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