Monday, May 2, 2016

Flanders smerle ( Vlaanderse Smierel )

Smerle des Flandres - owl pigeon
Flandrische Smerle - Smerle des Flandres - Flanders Smerle
Flander Smerle Ornamental pigeons - or also called by the names : Smerle des Flandres , Flandrische Smerle , Smerla delle Fiandre , Фландрийская сова - is coming from Flanders ( Belçika ) varieties, but very limited information since when was developed , only estimated since 1840 -an ( although there is no record in 1950 - the beer ) . Varieties which are classified into the OWL type , in the past preserved in the Regional - Regional Agriculture. Classified as a good pilot , but it seems in this decade is more geared to performance . Variety is considered popular , especially in Ghent and surrounding Enough .
Smerle des Flandres - Vlaanderse Smierel
Flanders smerle
Smerle des Flandres
Flanders smerle

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