Monday, April 25, 2016

Portuguese Tumbler ( Cambalhota Português )

Portugiesischer Tümmler  -  Culbutant Portugais  -  Portugal Tumbler  -  Cambalhota Português
The Portuguese Tumbler Pigeon is a tiny bird developed from Portuguese and English tumbling breeds. At the present time, the goal is mostly to create the world's smallest domestic pigeon variety, although some Valencian Figuritas are still smaller than many Portuguese Tumbler. Therefore, the Portuguese Tumbler is mostly seen as a show bird. However, these birds are capable of tumbling and can be trained to perform as part of a competitive team of tumbling pigeons known as a “kit.” They have a reputation for being sweet, easy to handle pigeons, and their tiny size draws the attention of potential pet owners, as well as competitive breeders, although they're not easy to find everywhere.

Portuguese Tumbler
Portuguese Tumbler

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