Saturday, January 14, 2017

İndian Mondain pigeons

indian mondain - black motle mondaine
indian mondain pigeons
The United States in the 1920's. W. Edison Kain, of New York, in 1901 imported his original birds from J. H. W. Morgan, of England, formerly a resident of India. Morgan's strain was a cross of Indian Gola, French Mondain, Carneau, and a "Portuguese" cock—breed unknown. Kain previously possessed crosses of black and white Maltese, splashed yellow Carneau, yellow Maltese, yellow Runt and yellow French Gros Mondain. The Morgan birds were smaller than Kain's and Kain crossed them into his crosses, retaining the birds that had the black and white tigering color of the Indian Gola. A much larger breed was created, which was black, tigered white and carrying dilute (from the yellows). Kain named this new breed, "Indian Mondain."
indian mondaine

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