Thursday, June 16, 2016

Persian Roller ( Persischer Roller )

roller pigeons - Rouleur de Perse
Persischer Roller - Rouleur de Perse -  Persian Roller
The Persian Roller; Crested and muffed only, in all the main colors. Most popular in White, Rolls and tumbles, not popular in Europe but seen often in Russia. Related to the Indian Floor Roller. The Cesaria Roller; From the territory of Skutari, in all colors, muffed, smooth headed, with a long beak which is strongly bent on the end, with an oil gland and many feathered tail. The Turkey-Asiatic Roller: Only in yellow, red, blue and silver-blue, with a high carried tail, remindful of a Fantail. The Bukowina Roller: It is a decendant of the Smyrna Roller and a European Tumbler variety, predominantly bred in the neighborhood of Czernowitz. In appearance this variety resembles the Oriental in most points. An excellent high flyer and stunter. Unfortunately this variety was made practically extinct during the war.[via : cichlidlovers]

pigeon pics - Rouleur de Perse

Persischer Roller

roller pigeons

persian pigeon - persian roller

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