Saturday, April 23, 2016

Sarajewo Roller Pigeon ( Sarajevski Prevrtac )

Sarajevski Prevrtac - roller pigeons
Sarajevoroller  -  Rouleur de Sarajevo  -  Sarajewo Roller -  Sarajevski Prevrtac
Ancestors of Sarajevo Roller were brought to Bosnia during the Ottoman rule of the country. In old documents from that period from this region records exist that tell us of breeding this type of pigeon. According to those records roller pigeons were kept by Beys and the wealthy citizens of Sarajevo. One of the most famous chronicler of that time, Mula Mustafa Bešeskija, in his book "Last Bešeskija recording" written in 1970, he mentions roller pigeons, which Sarajevans (citizens of Sarajevo) bring to Bentbaša in baskets, then let them out and watch them flight and roll while lying on their backs.

Sarajevski Prevrtac - Rouleur de Sarajevo - roller
Sarajewo Roller

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