Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Brod Tumbler pigeon ( Brodski prevrtac )

clean legged tumbler pigeons - fancy pigeons - Culbutant de Brod
Broder Purzler - Culbutant de Brod - Brod Tumbler  - Brodski prevrtac
The Brod Tumbler pigeons - or also known by the names: Culbutant de Brod, Broder Purzler, Capitombolante in Brod, Турман Брод - is a variety that comes from Brod (that are in Slovenia), which is known to appear in the 1950s. The origin may not be known, only to be informed that this race was brought to Slovenia. Crosses have done with a few races, the last holdout in the 1970s with pigeons from India. Varieties are classified into types tumbler pigeons has the ability to multiply very good, so now it is known in some countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Canada and Australia. General also known as Brod Roller.
red tumbler pigeons - Culbutant de Brod

broder pigeons - tumbler pigeons

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