Friday, June 17, 2016

Thurgau Shield colour pigeon ( Thurgauer Schildtaube )

Thurgauer Schildtaube
Thurgauer Schildtaube  -  Bouclier Thurgovien   - Thurgau Shield
Fancy pigeon Thurgau Shield - also known by the names : Bouclier Thurgovien , Thurgauer Schildtaube , Turgoviese Scudato , Тургаусский Щитковый - a variety that originated from the region of Thurgau ( Switzerland ) , informed developed since the 19th century , and has a kinship with some German pigeon races . Varieties are classified into type this colour , very popular among breeders and fancier , spacious enough developed in various countries in Europe . This variety is known as an excellent pilot , in addition to having a beautiful appearance and attractive .

Thurgauer Schildtaube

thargou colour pigeons - blue barred

Bouclier Thurgovien

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