Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Berne Halfbeak pigeons ( Berner Halbschnäbler )

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Berner Halbschnäbler  -  Demi Bec bernois  -  Berne Halfbeak
The Berne Half Beak pigeon, the Halbschnabler, is, as the name suggests, a breed of pigeon that originates from Switzerland, and in particular the area around the city and Canton of Berne. Still occasionally referred to as the Turkish Pigeon, there is evidence that suggests that the Berne Half Beak originated at a time when the Ottoman Empire was near neighbours to the east, possibly coming from Turkey itself. It is said to have been bred from wattled pigeons. As a breed though, the Berne Half Beak only really became established in the middle of the nineteenth century. Berne would become the centre for breeding what would be initially become a well- established pigeon.

Berner Halbschnäbler

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