Monday, May 30, 2016

Ancient Tumbler ( Altstämmer )

Altstämmer  - Pigeon Altstämmer  - Ancient Tumbler
The Ancient is, as the name suggests, a very old breed, first recorded in Berlin in 1743 by the biologist J.L.Frisch. Though known as The Ancient, in Great Britain and the USA, in mainland Europe it is known as the Altstämmer Tumbler taking it's name from the German for 'Old Tribe' or 'Old Breed'. The fact that it was known by these names even in the early eighteenth century is an indication of the great age of the breed. The origin of the breed is lost in the mists of time,however in 1935 C A M Spruijt in his book "De Tuimelaarrasen" (Tumbler Breeds) stated that he believed the Ancient was over a thousand years old. It is believed that the early exemplars of the breed originated in India, Persia, and Kazakhstan from where they were taken by Dutch traders to Europe. The breed was well known in Prussia and Eastern Europe and by the 1730's was popular in the Berlin area

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