Saturday, May 14, 2016

Razgrad Roller ( Razgradski letatsch )

Razgrader Roller  -  Rouleur de Razgrad - Razgrad Roller - Razgradski letatsch
Fancy pigeon Razgrad Roller - Rouleur de Razgrad , Razgrader Roller , Rotolatore in Razgrad , Разград Роликовые , Разградски Герданлии - a variety which originated in Bulgaria , especially in the provinces of Razgrad , Shumen and its surroundings , as well as Ruse and Targovishte , which is informed have been developed since the Empire Ottoman ( 14th century to the 16th ) , but it was only recognized in 2008. this variety has kekeberatan very close to Shumen , Sliven , Haskovo , and also Chirpan . According to the records , which belong to varieties tumbler pigeons type is also very similar to Palamar in appearance , differ only in the voting patterns and feathers . His voice was known locally as " music Razgrad " .
Razgrader Roller

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